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Summer Eights Dinner 2024

Summer Eights Dinner will be held in the Senior Library on Saturday 25th May 2024 at 7.15pm. All OCBC Alumni are welcome to attend. In order to register your interest in the dinner please fill out the form by clicking the button below by 5th May 2024

The details you will need for the form are: name, email address, dietary requirements and details for any personal guests. The dinner is likely to be at maximum capacity this year due to the Senior Library having fewer seats than the Hall. Those who are ‘Blades’ supporters of the Tortoise Club will be given priority in ticket sales. The Boat Club will be in touch after the 5th May to confirm your seat and provide payment details – the dinner will cost £45 per head, with drinks included.

In order to attend the dinner, one must be on the list of registered guests, this will be strictly enforced on the night. All alumni are invited as guests of our Senior Member, Robert Wainwright. Invitation is not a de facto right of alumni; admittance is at the Senior Member’s discretion.

A full race timetable will be available on the OCBC website closer to Summer VIIIs. It will also be advertised on our various social media feeds, through which you can follow the progress of every Oriel crew. It is still a long way to the bung line but we hope to see you there, on the bank, in Hall, or in the Bear afterwards.

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