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A-Z of mentors

Katie Allen (2000)

Subject: Modern Languages (French and German)

Occupation: Regional Director – Wall Street Journal

Sector: Publishing & Journalism

Katie can offer advice on working and living aboard, as well as answer questions about the media and publishing industry

Contact: Linkedin

Mahgul Ansari (2000)

Subject: German

Occupation: Assistant Fund Manager

Sector: Financial Services

Mahgul is happy to offer careers advice to those considering a career in Equities, as well as support on how to conduct stock analysis. She is particularly interested in helping women and BAME individuals interested in investment management.

Contact: Linkedin

Gabriela Arias (2017)

Subject: MSc Law and Finance

Occupation: Associate – Bishopfield Capital Partners

Sector: Financial Services

Gabriela is happy to offer careers advice, or any other career support.

Contact: Linkedin

Geoffrey Austin (1983)

Subject: Chemistry

Occupation: Managing Director – Moelis & Company

Sector: Financial Services

Contact: Email us

Rona Aydin (2015)

Subject: MBA

Occupation: Founder & CEO

Sector: Business and Entrepreneurship, Education

Rona is happy to provide general career advice, advice about applying for post-graduate education. She is also able to provide advice to those interested in entrepreneurship or education.

Contact: Linkedin

Peter Barker (2000)

Subject: Physics

Occupation: Barrister and Legal Advisor, Logistics Officer – Royal Navy

Sector: Government and Politics, Law

Peter would be delighted to talk to any Oriel student or graduate who is considering a military or legal career, especially at the Employed Bar.

Contact: Email us

Clara Barnett (2006)

Subject: History

Occupation: Head of Strategy and Governance – Government Digital Service (International Unit), Cabinet Office

Sector: Government and Politics

Clara is happy to talk to those interested in careers in international development and/or diplomacy, in both the government and multilateral sector (UN/World Bank).

Contact: Linkedin

Emma Boggis (1992)

Subject: Philosophy & Theology

Occupation: Non Executive Director

Sector: Government and Politics, Sport, Third Sector

Emma has worked in the Army, Civil Service, Sport and Not for Profit sectors. She is happy to speak to alumni working or interested in working in any of these areas, and share her experiences. She is also happy to talk to those who may be interested in moving from executive to non executive work which is the transition she has made recently.

Contact: Linkedin

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