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Honorary Fellow Jim Mellon publishes his first children’s book ‘Juno’s Ark’

Jim Mellon spoke at the Oxford Literary Festival and launched his first children’s book Juno’s Ark, inspired by his rescue of a Podencos, a breed of Spanish hunting dog.

Speaking to a packed audience of adults and children, Jim gave a varied, and entertaining, account of the animals in his life, and a history of supporting animal welfare from a personal perspective as well as helping charities that look after dogs and other pets that have been abandoned.  Venturing into farming practices, and discussing the ethics and sustainability of pet, and our own, food chain, Jim spoke passionately about the future of sustainable agriculture and what we can each do to help the environment and look after the welfare of animals.

Earlier in the Festival, Jim also spoke on his book Moo’s Law: An Investor’s Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution, on the emerging and transformative technologies that will be used to cultivate meat, and shape the future of food.

Jim is author of bestselling books including Wake Up!, and Juvenescence. He is donating 50% of the proceeds from Juno’s Ark to Danos Una Oportunidad (DUO), a dog shelter in Ibiza, and the other 50% to Compassion in World Farming.

You can purchase copies of Jim’s books here.