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Lord Cameron of Lochiel tenth Orielensis in House of Lords

Lord Cameron studied Modern History at Oriel College and served as a Member of the Scottish Parliament from 2016 to 2024, representing the Highlands and Islands region.

Speaking of his time at Oriel College, Lord Cameron says: “My years at Oriel were some of the happiest and most fulfilling times of my life, not least because of the lifelong friendships made there, but also because it was a college that allowed students to experience academic tuition of the highest quality while also enjoying the wider experience of university life: in sport, drama, music, and much more besides.”

Lord Cameron gave the Provost, Lord Mendoza CBE, a tour of the Scottish Parliament in 2023.

The new Scotland Office minister joins nine other alumni of Oriel College in the House of Lords:

The Lord Morgan (1952, Modern History);

The Rt Hon the Lord Haselhurst (1956, Jurisprudence);

The Rt Hon the Lord Murphy of Torfaen (1967, Modern History);

The Lord Sandhurst KC (1968, Jurisprudence).

The Rt Hon the Lord Robathan (1970, Modern History);

The Rt Rev the Lord Bishop of Lichfield OBE (1975, Mathematics);

The Lord Mendoza CBE (1978, Geography);

The Lord Altrincham (1984, Modern History);

The Lord Hannan of Kingsclere (1990, Modern History);