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Oriel Calling – Telephone Campaign 2023

The Oriel experience is about so much more than world-leading education alone; making friends for life through sport, art, and across a dining table, is every bit as formative as what is achieved in the library. The whole Oriel experience can lay a foundation for the rest of one’s life.

But, as in all walks of life, the costs of the basics, as well as the wonderful and enriching things, are becoming increasingly prohibitive. Later this month, to help ensure that they and their friends can jump at everything Oriel has to offer, our students are reaching out to alumni to seek your support.

Freya, a second year studying Modern Languages, will be asking for help towards Oriel students this year:

“Oriel is such an amazing place to study. Everyone who is fortunate enough to be here gets so much out of the experience. But even in my short time at Oxford, we have all felt prices increase. Students know they should jump at all the unique opportunities on offer here, but it’s not always feasible. If students are worrying about paying for their weekly shops, how can they justify participation in activities which cost, and other investments in their futures?

“You, through supporting our bursary fund, have already helped me to invest in my future. College funding has been vital in enabling me to pursue extra language classes in the wonderful University Language Centre, and to attend events with professionals in the media industry, where I hope to build my career. This is the Oxford I dreamed of, and I can’t thank you enough.

“Each year more and more students meet the criteria for bursaries – this trend will surely continue. My friends and I are calling in this year’s telephone campaign to ask you to help us grasp every opportunity this wonderful university presents. I know times are tough for everyone but, please do give whatever you can.”