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26 Awards and Prizes Won by Oriel Students in 2021-22

Of the 26 prizes, 17 were awarded by University of Oxford faculties for top results in Finals and Prelimination Examinations, and 9 were awarded by the College itself – made possible through the generosity of our donors. These achievements follow an already incredible 18 University and College Awards won by Oriel students in 2020-21, showing the exceptional standard of academic achievement at Oriel.  

We congratulate our prize winners on their outstanding academic successes and for the exceptional efforts they have put into their studies. 

Below is a list of the 2021-2022 University and College Prize Winners. 

Faculty Prize Winners 

• Brian Durkan – 3rd Year Practical Chemistry Prize. 

• Fabrizio Nicoll – Gibbs and the Physiology Society Prize. 

• Gregor Eberwein- John Adams Prize for outstanding performance in the first year Physics DPhil programme.

• Hannah Barratt – David McLintock Prize in Germanic Philology for best performance in German Philology (V(i) or XII). 

• Isaac Newell – Hoare Prize for best overall performance in Mathematics & Computer Science. 

• Konstantinos Filippos Sioufas – Clifford Chance – (Proxime Accessit) for the Second-Best Performance in the MJur. 

• Konstantinos Filippos Sioufas – Law Faculty Prize in Constitutional Principles of the EU. 

• Marcus Fforde – Prize for outstanding performance (3rd) in Chemistry Part IA (Second Year) Examinations. 

• Max Benster – Faculty Preliminary Examination Prize awarded for the best performance in the Preliminary Examination in Theology and Religion. 

• Max Benster – Junior Pusey and Ellerton Prize awarded for the best performance in Biblical Hebrew in the Preliminary Examination. 

• Michael Simmons – Porter Prize for Second Best in Class in the Preliminary Examinations, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 

• Peter Bille – Law Faculty Prize for Medical Law and Ethics. 

• Peter Morris – Gibbs Prize for excellent performance in the Honour School of Medical Sciences. 

• Polly Brown – 1st De Paravicini Prize (Literae Humaniores). 

• Sea Yun Pius Joung – Gibbs Essay Prize in Theology and Religion. 

• Ursule Demael – Gibbs Prize for excellent performance in the Honour School of Neuroscience or Cell & Systems Biology. 

• Yash Patel – 1st Year Practical Chemistry Prize. 

College Prize Winners 

• Artie Lam – Sir Derek Morris Prize for Economics. 

• Cameron Nicholls Iggulden – Eugene-Lee Hamilton Poetry Prize.

• Cassidy Hoeft – HB Robinson Prize for academic and sporting excellence. 

• Fabrizio Nicoll – Sir Derek Morris Prize for Economics. 

• Gongyi Zou – Macdonald Prize in Engineering (1st Year). 

• Lucian Shepherd – Audrey London Travelling Scholarship. 

• Marcus Fforde – Hammick Progress in Chemistry Prize. 

• Siddiq Islam – Eugene-Lee Hamilton Poetry Prize.

• Tijana Petrovic – Macdonald Prize in Engineering (3rd Year).