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Generous donors give over £135,000 on Oriel’s first ever giving day

This fantastic sum was donated to support Oriel students in financial need. It will also help to secure Oriel’s Ukrainian Graduate Scholarship for another year. In addition, donors named bookplates – these donations will support the College’s Senior Library renovation project. They also gave to Oriel’s Boat Club.

Orielenses from 30 countries donated, representing all six inhabited continents. From Columbia to Canada, the UK to the UAE, and South Africa to Singapore, our global community showed its support for Oriel students during this campaign.

Marco Zhang, Director of Development, celebrated these fantastic results:

“I am deeply grateful to all Orielenses who supported our first giving day. Giving days are a chance to demonstrate a College’s close-knit and supportive culture and Oriel did just that. The fantastic amount raised from such a diverse group of donors shows that our community understands the real pressures that our students feel every day.

The cost-of-living crisis also impacts our students; with around one-in-five undergraduates receiving some kind of financial support. Their Oriel education is subsidised by half – and this is thanks to the generosity of Orielenses. Thank you for relieving them of the financial burdens that can divert attention from their all-important work.”

After the formal close of giving day, Orielenses continued to offer donations. If you would like to support Oriel and its students today, you can still give at